08/31/2017 – Energy shift

Breath. Now to the left. Breath. Back to center.
Ummm. Son, what are you doing?
Enhancing my well being, by centering my chakra.
Oook..Got into moms yoga files on the DVR eh?
(breathes deeply) Indeed, truly eye opening.
Alrighty then. Enjoy, I guess.
I will. Namaste father.

08/30/2017 – Repeat offenses

(sigh) We really are sorry.
You’re getting off easy looking at baby photos.
(low voice) Maybe easy for you.
What was that? Do we need some videos also.
(elbows brother) No! no.. We’ll be quiet.
So, what do we not do to our little brother?
Leave him alone, or throw ice balls at him.
Very good. Next up, the swim camp years.
(stifled groans)

08/29/2017 – Going to town

(whining) How much longer mom?
The app says our Lyft is a couple minutes out.
Can’t we just swim it?
Humm. hail a water taxi, or be the water taxi?
We promise to swim the whole way this time.
(raised brow) Yeah..I’m going with option A.