12/31/2017 – Party animal

It’s noon, Why are you sleeping?
New Years Eve preparation.
Oh c’mon, bloated drunk exhaustion
is what New Years is all about.
True, but functionality is my goal
for New Years day.
Wow, how adult of you.
New Year, old me. Deal with it.

12/30/2017 – Polar outpost

Stop that, and keep moving you two.
What? I’m just waving hello.
What you do next usually scares me.
How could we possible be scary?
Humm, lets see. The mime incident,
the sign language incident, bears
playing chess incident?
The guards were staring and laughing.
Ugh.. Can’t wait till you’re parents.

12/29/2017 – Friendly advice

Weird looking mountain snow cap.
Oh ha ha. Really, how’s it look?
Really need to stop photoshop’ing.
But it works, for a natural look?
Look more natural if you were on
a bicycle.
Fine, I’ll change it.
Oooh, how about a Ferris wheel?
You are some help.
Staring out the London eye?