1/31/2018 – Spacing

There’s not enough room.
Awww please Mom? Just some
friends from school?
No, I am not hosting a sleep
over under my belly!
C’mon we can fit like five
more under here.
Watch it young man.

1/30/2018 – Rookie mistake

What’re we at?
Two minutes and fifteen seconds.
He’s just sitting down there.
Well you didn’t specify that he
had exert or swim around.
I shouldn’t have bet him lunch.
Yeah, he’ll stay down all day
for free food. Three minutes.
This is going to cost me.
Oh yes. Three thirty, he wins.

1/29/2018 – Meditative state

Exhale gently and find your center.
Now visualize a calm still space.
(looks around and shrugs)
Breath. Fill that space with a pure
white light from deep within.
(looks around) Already there.
Breath. You are on top of the world,
feel it turning beneath you.
Sigh. Not getting anything new here!
Breath. You are like sno…(paused)
What’s the return policy for downloads?