07/31/2017 – Preferred provider

I just got comfortable… Sigh… What?
I’m hungry.
Can you reach and use the fridge, pantry, and stove?
Yes.. I know..but..
Then go forth and feed young man.. you are ready.
(grinning) But I like your grilled cheese and tomato soup.
(getting up) How many days till school starts?

07/30/2017 – Imagine

(screaming kids)
Fred.. What’re you and the kids doing??
Oh.. The boulders are ice pack, and the grass is arctic water.
(puzzled look) So,,, why are they screaming?
(chuckles) Oh, yeah.. we’re pretending to be humans.

07/29/2017 – Return fire

Long day at work, can you do something for me my love?
Sure Fred,, what do you need?
My back and neck are acting up. Any ice packs in the fridge?
Yes.. I’ll get them..(takes two steps, then stops..)
(chuckles.. evil grin)
Boys! I think your father is up from his nap! (evil grin)