06/30/2017 – Coworkers

Fred.. What did I say before I walked out here?
You were checking how thick the ice was.. But Bill.
No, no.. and I said don’t follow me because?
(sigh) Because it might break off and float away.
Right.. and I didn’t want that because?
(sigh) You didn’t want to get wet this early.
Right.. Now you just stand there and let that sink
in.. and I’m going to stare at the water for while.
But Bill..
No, no… Just stand there, quietly.

06/29/2017 – He is


Humans ask for him, to take their pictures.
Once around the Arctic circle, is his idea of a lap.
His flag is his footprint, and it stands at both poles.
Ursa Major in every encylopedia, lists his name first.
He once held an “ice hotel” party for a whole year,,,
in the Amazon jungle.
He is.. The most interesting polar bear in the world.
(nods to the camera)
“Stay frosty my friends.”

06/28/2017 – Question answered


In answer to your question, yes in the woods.
Really only when I travel south, usually in summer.
Visiting relatives, or on vacation.
Around here… not so much.
(Smiling) Didn’t expect that did ya?
Now can I please have my package Mr. FedEx?