3/11/2018 – Running late

C’mon, just a little more.
Almost there. Just… ugh!
Please, just one paw on the
other side is all I need!
Sigh, this stuff is way too
thin for a running jump.
Really don’t want to swim.
Drift!! Drift faster!!

3/10/2018 – Bear posing

Jill.. Jillll? (snap) Jill!
Huh?..breath..to the pose. what?
Jill, class ended hours ago.
(looks around) What happened?
You went balasana, exhaled then
fell utterly deep alseep.
I’m so sorry about that.
Don’t be, the class had a ball
posing all around you.
Oh.. Not living that down.
Nope. Just check Facebook.

3/9/2018 – Bear touching

Seriously, I really am stuck.
Was all fun and games when I
had you cowering over there.
Could you just give a little
push or twist, I won’t bite.
Anyone? Help the bear? No?
Fine, break the window it is.