10/31/2017 – First come

Hey? What about me?
(muffled) What about you? I got here first.
Aw man, it’s windy on this side.
Oh well, you snooze you lose.
No need to be mean about it.
I’m far to warm to care right now. Ahhh.
Boys, there’s enough room for both of you.

10/30/2017 – Oh sure

Yes, yes. I am a polar bear.
Just riding an ice flow to work thank you.
Take your pictures and move along please.
Traffic jam in the Arctic just for me.
Right up there with “dog ate my homework”
as excuses go.

10/29/2017 – Smart one

Wait! Don’t come out! The snow is looooose!!
Weeee!! Hahahaha!!
(long fall, flurry of snow, tumble, and thud)
(groan) Why? Didn’t you hear me.
I did, and chose to ignore you. That was fun!
You’re an idiot.
I’m still your brother. Let’s go again!
No.. I’m just going to lay here a while.