09/30/2017 – Crime prevention

Check it out. I think I smell fish.
Humm a boat in Alaska smells like fish, what were the odds?
No I mean like fresh stuff, maybe in that cooler.
That and the whiff of nearby humans. By the way, smile.
(confused) For what?
The security camera your stomach made you ignore.
(waves into lens) Oops. Hey, nothing to see here.

09/28/2017 – Planning commission

Ok, you’re not hearing me. Look at the plan again.
I’m hearing you, but why don’t we just ask mom for the cookies?
History has shown, that this close to dinner it will be a “no”.
Fair point. Not sure this is a foolproof plan.
Trust me, it’ll work. Besides it’s us two against one of her.
Yeah. History has shown that math to be incorrect, many times.

09/29/2017 – Shake it off

(announcer voice) To get rid of dry scalp, and itchy flakes…
try quadruple ultra strength Head and Shoulders.
Don’t let dandruff be your first impression.
(stops shaking, looks confused) Wait? Why are you all laughing?
Nothing buddy. Nothing at all.
Aw c’mon, I couldn’t hear. I like a good joke too.
You had to be there.
I was there!